Gajk Melikyan

123Hello, I am Gajk Melikyan. A Foreign Language Department, first-year graduate student at the Yerevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences. Translational Action and Intercultural Communication is my recent research.

Projects and Research
Translational Action and Intercultural Communication

I established an assortment of varying methodological and theoretical methods for the evaluating of the previously principally neglected relationship between two strands of research.

Emphasizing on ‘dilated speech situation’, ‘functional equivalence’ and ‘intercultural understanding’ as the three major notions, interrelation attempts by this interdisciplinary volume are carried out on the following thematic strands: intercultural communication problems in translational action, insights into intercultural communication based on analyses of translational action, and the procedures of mediating between cultures in translational action.

Both the contrastive papers and those that examine the events of communication in actu are featured by the volume. My research analyses cover a wide range of interaction types and genres, and these include speech acts in dramatic texts, books for children, popular economics and science texts, phatic talk, intercultural university encounters excerpts, medical communication and giving toasts.